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All AACSC Forms

F0A- Forms description

F01- Application to Rent

F02- Pet Application

F03- Receipt of Application Screening Fee

F04- Notice of Adverse Action

F05- Offer to Rent

F11- Standard Residential Agreement

F20- House Rules & Regulations

F21- Policies Against Criminal Activity

F22- Inventory Checklist

F30- Guarantor (Co-Signer) Agreement

F31- Pool Rules & Regulations

F32- Pet Addendum

F33- Satellite Dish/Antenna Addendum

F34- Waterbed/Liquid Furniture Addendum

F35- Garage Addendum and Instructions

F36- Addendum to Rental Agreement

F37- Bed Bug Addendum

F38- Addendum for Smoke-Free Areas

F39- Addendum for Renter’s Insurance

F40- Flood Disclosure Addendum

F42- Proposition 65 Warning Addendum

F46- Notice Addendum- §1947.12 & §1946.2

F47- Addendum for Exemption- § 1947.12 & § 1946.2

F48- Addendum for Owner Intent to Occupy- § 1947.12 & §1946.2

F50- Notice in Change in Terms of Tenancy (Rent Increase)

F51- Notice of Change in Terms (Non-Rent)

F52- Notice to Enter Dwelling Unit

F54- Third-Party Acknowledgement for Payment

F54A- Deferred Payment Agreement

F55- Proposition 65 Annual Notice

F56- Notice for Properties Subject to §1947.12 & §1946.2

F57- Notice of Exemption From § 1947.12 & 1946.2

F58B- COVID-19 Tenant Questionnaire

F58E – Notice to Tenant Extension of COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act

F59- Notice of Expiration of Fixed Term Lease and Renewal Offer

F60- Resident’s Certification of Terms Estoppel Certificate

F61- Transfer of Security Deposit

F69- Resident Payment Proposal

F70- 3-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit

F70A- 3- Day Notice of Violation (Material Breach/To Cure) §1947.12 & §1946.2

F70B- 3-Day Notice to Pay Rent (Long Beach COVID-19)

F71- 3-Day Notice to Perform Conditions and/or Covenants or Quit

F71A- 3-Day Notice of Violation of Lease

F71B- 3-Day Notice to Perform— Denial of Access

F72- 3-Day Notice to Quit

F72A- 3-Day Notice to Quit § 1947.12 & § 1946.2

F73- Notice to Terminate Tenancy

F73A- Notice to Terminate Tenancy— Sale of Property

F73B- Notice of Termination— Remodeling §1947.12 & § 1946.2

F73C- Notice of Termination Owner Intent to Occupy §1947.12 & §1946.2

F73D- 15-Day Pay Rent or Quit (Protected Period)

F73G - 15-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit & Tenant Declaration (Transition Period, September 1, 2020 Through September 30, 2021)v2

F73H - Three Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit (October 1, 2021 through March 31, 2022)

F74- Resident’s 30-Day Notice to Vacate

F75- Acknowledgement of Resident’s Notice to Vacate

F76- Extension to Notice to Terminate

F77- Instructions for Pre-Move Out Inspection

F78- Confirmation of Pre-Move Out Inspection

F79- Pre-Move Out Inspection Checklist

F80- Security Deposit Accounting Statement

F81- Instruction for the Abandonment Notices

F82- Notice of Belief of Abandonment of Real Property

F83- Notice of Right to Reclaim Abandoned Personal Property

F84- Notice of Sale of Abandoned Personal Property

F90- Maintenance and Repair Request

F91- Incident Report

F92- Daily Proration Table

F93- Instruction Accommodation/Modification

F94- Request for Reasonable Accommodation

F95- Request for Reasonable Modification

F96- Verification of Status as Disabled Person

F97- Approval- Denial of Request for Accommodation

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