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Collection Services

Hunter Warfield Debt Collection Services

AACSC is pleased to announce our partnership with Hunter Warfield, a national leader in the residential debt collections industry. The goal of this partnership is to give you, our members, access to an enhanced Derogatory Reporting process. Furthermore, the following service aims to encourage your previous resident to pay you directly. For a fee of $34.99 Hunter Warfield will send:

  • Two collection letters
  • One collection call attempt

If the initial collection attempts are unsuccessful, Hunter Warfield will move the account to a contingency fee-based collection option that would include Derogatory Reporting.

  • Contingency Collection Service — 40 percent
  • Legal proceedings to collect debt — 50 percent plus court costs. (This contingency rate applies solely to the prosecution of the claim to collect the debt through legal action.)


  • New Client Setup Form:
  • Supporting Documents: Provide documents to indicate the source of the amount owed. This includes but is not limited to:
    i. Rental application and rental agreement
    ii. Corrective notices (non-payment or perform)
    iii. Ledger and/or receipts
  • Fee: Submit the completed New Client Setup Form, supporting documents and fee of $34.99 to AACSC

Please feel free to reach out to Oliver for any information and or questions or concerns, 562.426.8341 ext. 313

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