The purpose of the Apartment Association, California Southern Cities, is to promote, protect and enhance the rental housing industry and to preserve private property rights.

Our story begins nearly one hundred years ago….

Established on July 11th 1924, the Apartment Association, California Southern Cities (AACSC) is a non-profit organization serving the rental housing community, which includes; property owners, managers, contractors and advisors. The Apartment Association is based in Long Beach but its service area extends as far north as San Luis Obispo, as far east as San Bernardino County, and as far south as San Diego.

The Apartment Association is dedicated to producing smart opportunities for members of the rental housing community by promoting compliant, safe, and well-managed rental housing. AACSC also partners with state and national organizations to help in the fight to preserve the rights of property owners.

The Apartment Association offers timely intelligence, engaging education, valuable advice, dedicated advocacy while offering the opportunity to build genuine relationships.