What are the responsibilities of a rental property tenant?

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• Maintain a clean and sanitary rental home.

• Properly dispose of garbage or trash.

• Properly operate all electrical, gas, and plumbing fixtures.

• Refrain from damaging or defacing the home or allowing anyone else to do so (tenants are responsible for all repairs of damage caused by the tenant, the tenant’s family, guests or pets).

• Use the premises as a place to live, and use the rooms for their intended purposes.

• Report broken door or window locks.

• Contact the rental owner or property manager immediately to report any problems with your rental home, especially any water damage or leaks.

• Cooperate with repair workers/pest control operators in preparing rental home for service or repairs.

Source: Long Beach Development Services, The following information is from, “A Guide to Residential Tenants’ and Landlords’ Rights and Responsibilities.”

To view the entire guide, please see dca.ca.gov/publications/landlordbook/catenant.pdf