Forms Used After The Resident Vacates F80-F84 AACSC

Categories: Laws & Regulations, Rental Forms for Landlords

Provided by Apartment Association California Southern Cities


F80 – Security Deposit Accounting Statement: (rev. 9/16)

Required for Landlord to provide a written accounting of what they did with a Resident’s security deposit. Must be completed and sent within 21 days of a Resident vacating.

[California Civil Code section 1950.5] California Civil Code section 1785.26(c)(2)

F81 – Instruction for the Abandonment Notices: (rev. 9/16)

Instructions on what to do when a Resident abandons the unit or vacates leaving personal property in the premises.

F82 – Notice of Belief of Abandonment of Real Property: (rev. 9/16)

Notice used when the rent is unpaid for 14 consecutive days and the Landlord has a good-faith belief that the Resident has abandoned the premises.

[California Civil Code sections 1951.3, 1951.2 and 1984]

F83 – Notice of Right to Reclaim Abandoned Personal Property: (rev. 9/16)

Notice used when a Resident vacates the unit and has left behind personal property in the premises.

[Civil Code Section 1988]

F84 – Notice of Sale of Abandoned Personal Property: (rev. 9/16)

If abandoned personal property is valued over $700 and the notice period has run, Landlord must publish notice of sale.

[California Civil Code section 1988]

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