Forms Miscellaneous F90-F97 B16-B17 AACSC

Categories: Laws & Regulations, Rental Forms for Landlords

Provided by Apartment Association California Southern Cities

J. MISCELLANEOUS FORMS – These forms may be handy tools for use on your rental property.

F90 – Maintenance and Repair Request: (rev. 9/16)

For Resident to complete to notify Landlord of maintenance and repair requests and for Landlord to track progress.

F91 – Incident Report: (rev. 9/16)

Use to document incidents in and around the property and record information to be used for serving notices and as proof in court.

F92 – Daily Pro-ration Table: (rev. 9/16) To help calculate daily rent.

Emotional Support Animal ESA

F93 – Instructions for Requests for Accommodation/Modification: (rev. 9/16) 

Instructions to be used with Forms F93 thru F97

F94 – Request for a Reasonable Accommodation: (rev. 9/16)

F95 – Request for a Reasonable Modification: (rev. 9/16)

F96 – Verification of Status as a Person with Disability (rev. 9/16)

F97 – Approval-Denial of Request for Accommodation etc. (rev. 9/16)

K. Forms for Purchase – These forms are not available on the Internet. Call AACSC to buy.

B16 – Lead Booklet – Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home (EPA)

Required by law to be given to each new tenancy, as well as when repairs/alterations in excess of 2 square feet are made to any interior wall or in excess of 20 continuous feet are made to any exterior wall. Cost: 75¢ each.

B17 – Lead Booklet – The Lead-Safe Certified Guide to Renovate Right (EPA)

Required by law to be given prior to beginning lead/construction projects. Cost: 75¢ each.

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