Forms For Use During Sale Process F-60-F61 AACSC

Category: Rental Forms for Landlords

G. FORMS FOR USE DURING SALE PROCESS – These forms should be used during the escrow period of any real estate transaction to ensure that the new owner has all Rental Agreements and records, and that the disposition of all security deposits is documented.

F60 – Resident’s Certification of Terms – Estoppel Certificate: (rev. 9/16)

Used by a new Landlord to verify tenancies in the unit. Completed by the residents to verify amount of rent, names of occupants and to confirm other terms in their Rental Agreement, if any.

[California Code of Civil Procedure section 1162]

F61 – Transfer of Security Deposit: (rev. 9/16)

For use when you sell your rental property and wish to be released from any claims to the security deposit, either as a result of the deposit being transferred to new owner or returned to the Resident.

[California Civil Code section 1950.5]

These forms are available to Apartment Association Members. For more information: