Forms for Tenant Screening F01 – F05 AACSC

Category: Rental Forms for Landlords

TENANT SCREENING – These forms are used during tenant screening before the tenancy begins and the rental agreement is signed.  Provided by Apartment Association California Southern Cities

F01 – Application to Rent: (rev. 9/16) 

Should be given to anyone who is interested in renting a vacant unit. Every potential resident over the age of 18 should complete an application.

F02 – Pet Application: (rev. 9/16)

Should be given to anyone who wishes to bring a pet into the unit. Pet owners, whether potential resident or already living in the unit, should complete an individual application for each potential pet.

F03 – Receipt for Application Screening Fee: (rev. 2/20)

Once a completed application is turned in and you accept funds to screen the application of a prospective tenant, this completed form should be given to each applicant.

[California Civil Code section 1950.6] [California ¬Civil Code section 1786.16].

F04 – Notice of Adverse Action to Rental Application: (rev. 9/19)

Once you have screened a prospect and determined that the individual does not qualify, deliver this notice to inform the prospect that their application has been rejected and of the number to contact for more information. [California Civil Code section 1785.20]

F05 – Offer to Rent: (rev. 2/18)

Used to place a unit on “hold” for a qualified renter until the unit becomes available.

These forms are available to Apartment Association Members.  For more information: