September 2019

No Legislative Measure or Action Will Create a Single Unit

As providers of quality affordable rental properties, we have been under attack as a result of a problem that we did not cause. At every level of government, proposals to impose new restrictive forms of rent control, just cause for eviction, relocation assistance for most tenants, vacancy tax, free eviction defense, limitations on when a property owner may raise rent, mandatory inspections, and new government building code retrofit requirements are considered if not adopted. All of these public policy proposals are primarily due to our industry being blamed for causing the affordable and available housing crises.

For the most part we own and manage existing housing stock. There’s no question that there is a shortage of affordable and available rental housing stock. We must become engaged and fully understand the issues that are being proposed. To do this we must actively participate in the evolution of legislative and regulatory proposals. We must not sit idly by and think an issue will be handled by others. We must become more vocal when it comes to the issues directly affecting our ability to suc cessfully and responsibly own and manage rental properties.

Where do you think changes or appli cation in law come from? For one: the media and social justice groups. There is not a day that goes by when the issues of affordable and available housing issues are not in the newspapers or on special news briefings.

There is no simple answer on how we solve the problem. The one thing that we agree on is that the solution is to build more housing. But building new rental housing stock will not occur if government adopts extreme solutions and does not take ownership of its own faults.

If there has ever been a time that we as rental housing providers need to come together this is that time. We must build alliances and coalitions with others who are also affected by this issue. Every rental property owner, management company and affiliate in our territory should belong to our Apartment Association. Belonging to our Association keeps members informed, active, and pointed in the right direction.

On another important matter, we have our 51st Annual Trade Show on September 18, 2019, at the Long Beach Convention Center (arena entrance), that we all should attend. The free trade show is open to the public. Bring your staff and extend an invitation to other property owners, management companies and affiliates to attend. There will be several educational sessions which the take away is for attendees to walk out with usable information. There is an old saying that people did not perish for a lack of hope, but because of a lack of knowledge.

The Apartment Association, California Southern Cities is the vehicle to provide the information to become informed. Our Association has one of the most highly respected lobbyists in the industry. He will be spending the day at the Trade Show. One of the educational sessions is to be held from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm, entitled “New State Rent Control Laws Compliance.” Please make every effort to not only attend the session, but see and learn from others that are going to give participants usable information at the Trade Show.

Our Trade Show starts with the Rental Housing Industry Awards Breakfast at 7:00 a.m. in the Arena Lobby of the Long Beach Convention Center which will feature and congratulate our members and their staff for a job well done.