Property Management Training Program (PMTP)

If you own rental property in the City of Los Angeles, you will face property inspections under the SCEP ordinance.

Be prepared NOW, and avoid costly fines.

Learn how to pass!

Sign up now for the Property Management Training Program…

This class now may mean passing the inspection the first time around!

Owners of properties cited under the City of Los Angeles’ SCEP Ordinance pay $225 for the 9-hour program.

Attendees without a citation pay only $99.


  • How to Prepare Your Property & Your Tenants
  • What the Inspector “Inspects”
  • What Compliance is Required
  • How to Defend Yourself
  • What the SCEP Process Is
  • What Legal Forms and Procedures Can Protect You
  • How to Improve Your Application Process and Screening Techniques

DATES INCLUDE September 17 and November 12.

or CALL 562-426-8341