October 2019

I would like to start off by thanking everyone for assisting and participating in our 51st Annual Rental Housing Expo last month that made it a tremendous success! The day started out with a well-attended Saluting Our Stars Awards Breakfast. We owe a special thanks to all our sponsors and vendors. I hope each one of our owners and managers will continue to support them.

This year we successfully approached the trade show differently by contracting with a private company, ARAS, to assist us. Simply put, they and our staff did a fantastic job. For the first time we added a social media aspect, heavily promoted the event, and as always held relevant classroom sessions.

As we prepare for our Annual Membership Meeting that will take place on October 24, 2019, it will feature three primary events:

  • Election of our 2020 Board of Directors;
  • An outline of how our Association is going to change in 2020; and
  • A training session of how to comply with the new statewide rent control and just cause law.

This will include how to stay within the boundary of the statewide rent cap, what new and revised forms you MUST use, and how and when you can evict or terminate a rental.

There are so many changes that affect the way we will operate next year that makes this Annual Membership Meeting a must attend event if you own, manage, or provide much needed services to residential rental properties.

There is a members-only section on our website (www.aacsc.org) that will allow you to download all necessary forms.

There also will be a Power Point presentation at the October 24 Membership Meeting of information that you need to know in the coming year. Be sure to reserve your spot and meet the AACSC Board of Directors who will be leading us into 2020. Please be sure your membership is current, and bring a friend and encourage them to be a member.

See you there!