November 2019

“We must become more involved in the discussion regarding housing issues and become more proactive as opposed to reactive.”

As providers of rental housing, it is important for us to understand that we are in a very different political environĀ­ment and as a result, we must change our messaging. There is no question that we as California residents, like most other states across the nation, are faced with a shortage of affordable housing and a lot of that depends on the definition of affordable housing.

Many refer to the crisis as a shortage of workforce housing as well as housing for the homeless, which is a completely different discussion. Those individuals facing chronic homelessness in addition to housing need supportive services, which is very different from what we provide. We must become more involved in the discussion regarding housing issues and become more proactive as opposed to reactive. We must engage the elected officials that we have supported in the past, where many have voted against us on issues that are important to us.

As an industry we have allowed others to define us as opposed to us defining who we are and what we provide. We provide something that no other industry provides, and that is shelter. We must remind everyone of this. Our message to the elected officials is very simple: no amount of legislation that is averse to our industry will create a single rental unit. We must join with our colleagues in supporting legislation that promotes the development of housing. Like any other commodity when you have a high demand for any product and a limited supply, by the very nature of this imbalance, prices will rise.
Stay tuned as we prepare information for you to understand what steps you need to take in dealing with the new statewide rent control law, AB 1482.

The Apartment Association, California Southern Cities has been very active in partnering with other associations and organizations in working against legislation that negatively affects our industry. There has never been a more important time than now to have your support and active participation in our efforts. As tenants’ rights organizations continue to grow, hold events and actively register tenants to vote, we must do the same. We must show up at council meetings, town hall meetings and contact our elected officials and share our view points.

Best Wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.