MAY 2020

One thing that has not changed is our commitment to deliver the most current updates to you…

On behalf of our entire Board of Directors and staff, I hope this publication finds you and your entire family well and safe. Since the Stay at Home Order was put into place, we have been making every effort as business professionals to determine what we can and cannot do. We are fortunate in that we have been designated as necessary business operators in realizing that we must continue to deliver service to our clients and customers in these unprecedented times. We have the burden of making every effort to keep our staff, our vendors and our tenants safe, not to mention ourselves, as we continue to provide much needed services.

I trust that each of you have been keeping up with the news media as well as print messaging that changes almost every day, and I am sure much will have changed since this publication. One thing that has not changed is our commitment to deliver the most current updates to you, our members and vendors, to help you work through these critical times. In light of the fact that as a Board we cannot meet in person, we have been keeping engaged with conference calls and emails to be sure we can continue to deliver vital information to you, our members. Through our local and state lobbyist we have continued to engage with City Council Members, as well as with our state and federal elected officials working on behalf of our industry. With the assistance of some of our industry partners, we are trying to put some tools in place that will allow us have a virtual meeting as well as put in place systems where members only can obtain additional information, along with a frequently asked questions option.

As to legislation, the Legislature had originally announced that they would be reconvening on May 13, 2020; however, that date has been revised, and they plan to reconvene on May 4, 2020, which, of course, can change. There are a number of proposed pieces of legislation that are still being drafted, despite the fact that they are not physically meeting. I am sure our state lobbyist Ron Kingston will be addressing this information in more detail. We are closely watching AB 828, which would impose onerous standards on rental property owners, which is in draft language related to COVID-19, and, of course, the Aids Health Foundation, who is sponsoring Prop 10 2.0. I want to assure you that in working along with our industry partners we will be making every effort to fend of all legislation that is averse to our industry.

It seems amazing to me that people don’t seem to understand that we are housing providers and without us who would be providing the vital services that we deliver during good times and bad times?

As we are all aware, it seems that all the protection is geared towards tenants; which we understand as through no fault of their own, many tenants have lost their jobs and are unable to pay their rent. The obvious question becomes what about property owners who rely on this income to operate these properties? Property owners can’t simply just stop paying their mortgages, stop paying for repairs, insurance, taxes and all the other expenses associated with the operation of these properties. We are all in this together and we, as property owners, can’t be the only ones in this national crisis. Working with each of you and our industry partners, it is important that they understand that without sustained and reliable rent payments owners and operators, especially small mom and pop owners, may become unable to meet their financial obligations to operate these properties and their own livelihood. We play a vital role in this crisis and we need to be recognized for our role. Be safe and be well.