March 2021

“We must prepare ourselves for the unexpected challenges of 2021 and face them head on.”

Greetings to all our members, friends and supporters and welcome to our March edition of the Official California Apartment Journal. In keeping with our theme, we are here to serve you, our members, and we hope that the information contained in the publication will be not only interesting, but will assist you in the operation of your rental properties. It is important that we understand that during these ever changing times, we must address issues as they arise realizing that we are not spectators but must be active participants in all the housing issues facing us.

As we all rejoiced in putting 2020 behind us, we will continue to be affected by the impact of many events that occurred in 2020. We must prepare ourselves for the unexpected challenges of 2021 and face them head on. I am not going to discuss the Pandemic in any detail because we hear the news all day long about it. I would like to focus on positive efforts because one way or the other we were all impacted by the Pandemic and the profound effects on almost every aspect of our lives and those effects are unlikely to disappear anytime soon. We must adapt to the new way of communicating with our tenants and our vendors in order to remain effective. Virtual meetings are the new norm.

One of the keys to our success lies in our ability to meet with prospective tenants and quickly access their qualification as potential tenants for our properties, as well as meet with vendors and make the same determination. Know that we are in a virtual world where we do not have the same opportunities to meet with many people in the same settings as we previously did; we must adapt to new communication skills to remain reverent. I am sure, like most of you, I miss the interactions we once enjoyed, and it is hard to make the necessary changes.

Know with that said, the questions are not only how do we survive during these times, but how can we thrive? Many of you may not be aware of the time and efforts that have been involved in providing you the very best in terms of forms that must be provided to our tenants, which is the greatest protection that we have. Most of you know Oliver John Baptiste, one of our long-time staff members who has put in many hours working with volunteer Board Member Vicky Abe, Board Member and Attorney Bruce Menke and our Sacramento Lobbyist Ron Kingston to bring you these time sensitive forms that are mandatory in the State.

As a part of our Strategic Planning efforts, we have increased and expanded our educational offerings to provide you all the tools you need to be successful in operating your rental properties. As you are aware, the moratorium date has been extended to June 30, 2021, and we are already working with our Lobbyist Ron Kingston in preparation for additional changes that we are sure will occur as well as some additional documents to protect us.

I hope most of you are like me and, if not, you would not have lasted this long in this business, but we see the glass as half full as opposed to half empty. We provide a service that no one else does. We provide safe and affordable housing, which the government has not been very successful in doing. We, as an industry, must continue to change our messaging and develop broader coalitions outside of our industry to support our message. We are an essential business, and that message must be clear and concise. We are major players that drive the economy of the nation. When you think of all the vendors and trade people we employ, that number is huge. We must become more vocal and participate in our issues, which includes attending the virtual City Council meetings and other meetings related to our industry.

I would like to thank our Board Members who attended the event for Councilwoman Suzie Price, who is a Councilperson who understands the issues we face as housing providers. As your elected Board Members, we will continue to lead by example and ask for your support in joining us as we work together to support legalization that promotes housing and oppose legislation that is not good for the housing industry. For now, I hope to see you at our virtual events and soon in person.