March 2020

“The question becomes how do we position ourselves to take advantage of opportunities that we have never had before.”

I would like to start off by thanking each of you who were able to attend the first Membership Meeting of 2020 and for taking part in the Installation of the 2020 Officers and Directors of AACSC. It was a great event with lots of information and net working.

We had the pleasure of having Councilman Daryl Supernaw serve as our Installing Officer, and Councilman Al Austin who also made some positive remarks relating to our industry. I also would like to thank our sponsors who helped put the event together along with our amazing staff.

Highlighting the program, of course, was Ron Kingston of California Strategic Advisors, our lobbyist from Sacramento, who provided a great legislative update.

Since the meeting there has been quite a bit of movement of some on the legislation that we have been watching. We are expecting more than 2,000 bills to be introduced before the legislative deadline. I personally believe that when we have the number of obstacles that we have before us now in our industry, in my opinion this means we also have more opportunities than ever. The question becomes how do we position ourselves to take advantage of opportunities that we have never had before. As professionals we must become more creative and innovative in how we operate our properties. We must become problem solvers and the creators of positive ideas. Most of us have worked very hard to have obtained the properties that we have along with the cost to maintain them.

I was at the meeting a few weeks ago at one of the local apartment associations, and one of the attorneys who was speaking to a crowd of more than 100 rental property owners asked if there was anyone in the audience who has not been sued related to the operation of their rental properties to raise their hand. As I looked around, I did not see a single hand raised. When you think about it, what other professions do owners subject themselves to the types and high levels of litigation that we face?

We should all be very proud to be rental housing providers who work every day for the benefit of our residents and the communities in which our properties are located. I believe that we MUST do a better job in telling our story. A lot of us who have been doing this for many years make it seem like it is a very easy job owning and operating rental properties. We all admit that there is a shortage of affordable housing at all price points for rental and purchase, but guess what, we did not cause this problem; however, we are expected to pay the lion’s share of the cost solving a problem we did not cause.

I hope that you feel as I do and that if you are not a member, you will become one—not just to have your name listed as a member, but to become engaged in our efforts. Please feel free to send an email to our office and indicate the field of interest you have so that we can find an active committee where you can serve and help be a part of the solution. It would really send a message to the City Council if we can pack many rows at each of the council meetings. Please feel free to leave a personal email to my attention.

Thanks once again to each of you for all you do for our Association and our industry.