June 2021

“The future is bright; we are fortunate enough to be working with a few of the most promising leaders in our industry…”


Greetings to our members, product and management service council members, friends and supporters of the Apartment Association, California Southern Cities, and welcome to the beginning of summer.


There has never been a better time to be the leader of such a great organization — I am so proud of our accomplishments to date. While housing providers and the nation have been under attack by the pandemic, our AACSC leadership team has been busy positioning our association to be stronger and better than ever.

We understand there have been some changes and confusing messaging being circulated by outside organizations such as AAGLA, CalRHA, and NAA. The message they are communicating is that AACSC will no longer exist.


I am here to tell you that we are very much alive and focusing even more now on our membership and serving you best. AACSC has been providing outstanding and continuous service to our members for almost 100 years. In addition, our local advantage has helped us rise to the many challenges that we face in our local territory. We have been and will continue to provide the best resources, solutions and protect the interests of our members.


As the political climate changed over the years in Long Beach, the Board carefully evaluated how we spent your hard-earned dues dollars, which is what operates our regional apartment association. Over several consecutive months of review and analysis, your Board of Directors made an informed and deliberate decision that your dues dollars could be better spent focusing on local issues and continue our long-standing relationship with our own lobbyist at the State of California. In both cases, we had proven and effective results that were not met by our continuing relationship with CalRHA. The continuing cost of membership with CalRHA and NAA was not to the best interests of AACSC members. We could not find merit-based, valuable, provable results being part of CalRHA and NAA. With our commitment to having the best representation of our association at the local level, please join me in welcoming our newest member of the AACSC management team, John Edmond of Edmond Group LLC. John has agreed to bring his skills to the role of Executive Director of AACSC. Our Executive Committee has had a thorough search and made the best choice by bringing John on to join the leadership team.


John served as chief of staff for over 13 years to a Long Beach City Council Member. His insight into the day-to-day operations, philosophy, and political views of decision-makers at the local level give him unparalleled ability to lead our association. John has represented corporations, trade associations, nonprofit organizations, and public agencies before federal, state, and local government.


Our board members live locally and have a vested interest in our community. Elaine Hutchison, one of our past presidents and current board member, owns and operates two businesses in Long Beach and for many of you who do not know, she built the building that houses our office. Bob Luskin, our long-time board member and Long Beach Airport Commissioner, has offices in Long Beach.


We are honored and humbled to say that we have been representing you, our members, for almost 100 years, and we look forward to serving the community for 100 more years. We will continue to provide education to our members, meet with local elected officials, agency leaders, attend City Council meetings and co-host fundraisers to support our allies. The health of our industry only serves to make our city stronger. After all, our members are the ones that provide the most significant number of affordable housing units in our community!


Our future is bright; we are fortunate enough to be working with a few of the most promising leaders in our industry, and we look forward to the future of AACSC with your continued membership and support. Please feel free to reach out to any board member or myself if you have any questions. Now is the best time to be a member of AACSC.

If you know of any property owners in Southern California that are not yet members, please let them know that they will benefit significantly by joining as members of our association.


We appreciate you and your support in AACSC.