February 2020

“This must be the year that you… take a very active role in events and legislation that will shape the way we do business.”

Greetings to everyone and, again, a very Happy New Year.

I would like to thank each of you who were able to attend the first General Membership Meeting of the year and Installation of the new officers and directors who will lead us through what will be a very busy year with lots of legislation related to our industry. I also hope that you will join me in thanking our incredible staff for all they do, along with the great work our lobbyist Ron Kingston is doing in Sacramento for us and the industry, this must be the year that you, as members of our Association, take a very active role in events and legislation that will shape the way we do business. We must realize that private property rights are under attack. When we read about what is going on in Oakland with the movement of groups that assert they have the right to occupy vacant units, it does not seem real but it is. As we look at San Francisco working on an ordinance called the First Right of Refusal, which would give qualified nonprofit groups the first right of refusal to purchase multi-unit rental properties, that also seems unreal.

As all of us are beginning to get a better understanding of our duties and responsibilities as it relates to the new statewide rent control law AB 1482, the author, David Chiu, is considering some clean-up legislation that will remove and clarify some of the language included in the bill that is almost like a Catch 22 for us.

We are also in the early stages of preparing for Michael Weinstein, CEO of the Aids Foundation, for what will become Prop 10 2.0, in which the previous Prop 10 was overwhelmingly defeated. As an Association we are well positioned to play a very active role in shaping legislation in the coming year that affects our industry.

I am asking each of you to consider taking an active role in serving on some of our various committees, attend city council meetings along with other events supporting appointed and elected officials who are our key policy makers. We can no longer be spectators and sit on the sidelines. I look forward to working with each and every one of you in the coming year. This is a group effort, and we have a lot at stake and cannot let others determine our fate.

It is important for us as rental housing providers to remember if there is a shortage of affordable rental housing, we will remain the target of over-burdensome legislation. As of January 10, 2020, the Governor released the new budget that contains a large amount of dollars for affordable housing, but how long will it be before the first shovel hits the ground?

The only thing that will assist a homeless person is a home. Many studies have indicated that along with a home, most of the individuals suffering from homelessness need wraparound services that, for the most part, we do not provide. This is a function of the government.

Elected and appointed officials should be working on incentives to spur development and recognize the role we play as housing providers and the investments we make in the community.