Difficult Residents

Difficult Residents

Are Difficult Residents Turning You into a Monster?!

Eliminate the horro and learn how to react and act in a way that will diffuse a difficult situation if it does arise. Recognize, manage and resolve conflicts and collaborate with your residents in a positivie way befoe the situation turns into a nightmare.

“Turn the light on”…

  • What causes basic stress and conflict?
  • Dealing with a resient that is never satisfied
  • Ending the tenancy of a problem resident in a positive way
  • Rights of the resident and management

Everything you need to know to tame the beast!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Registration: 9:30am Presentation: 10:00-12 noon

Where: AACSC Education Center, 333 W. Broadway, Suite 101, Long Beach, CA 90802

For information or registration call Rachael at 562.426.8342