Become A Member

Apartment Association, California Southern Cities has various member categories:

  • Premier Member – $149* plus $3.47 per unit
    An independent owner is and individual who operates own rental.
  • Gift of Time – $99*
    A realtor gift of membership to a new owner.
  • Management Service Council (MSC) – $149* plus $3.47 per unit
    An individual or business that manages rental property for others.
  • Product Service Council (PSC) – $495*
    An individual or business that provides vendor products or services.
  • NAA Click & Lease Users – $130* plus $3.47 per unit
    NAA Affiliates (per site).
  • Resident Manager – $49*
    An individual who lives on-site as a manager.

*Add one-time $25 registration fee for new members.

Benefits of Membership Include:

  • Political Advocacy at Local, State and National Levels
  • FREE Legal Forms
  • FREE Legal Counseling
  • FREE Monthly Membership Seminars
  • FREE Monthly Official California Apartment Journal
  • FREE Annual Trade Show
  • FREE Sourcebook
  • FAST, Member – Rate Tenant Screening
  • Certification & Education Classes
  • Timely Updates on New Laws and Regulations
  • Networking Opportunities with Industry Professionals
  • Automatic Membership in NAA & NMHC