New COVID-19 Forms/Resources

These are unprecedented and challenging times for the rental housing industry. AACSC is reviewing and analyzing legislation being proposed; and orders, proclamations, statutes, and ordinances being issued at various levels of government. Forms being created will be made available only to our members via your member portal: https://www.aacsc.org/login/

You may have heard about loans being provided through the Small Business Administration. More information can be obtained at: https://www.sba.gov/funding-programs/loans/coronavirus-relief-options/paycheck-protection-program-ppp

A copy of the Long Beach Ordinance can be found a: http://longbeach.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=F&ID=8223122&GUID=07C91C1A-F651-4FE1-8A5A-03DC4056EC5E

Information regarding Elder Nutrition Programs, School Status, Local Emergency Proclamations, and other COVID-19 related information can be found at: https://covid19.lacounty.gov/dashboards/

Long Beach COVID-19 information/resources can be found at: www.longbeach.gov/COVID19

We have compiled a list of resources to help members stay up to date on Coronavirus news and alerts….

LA County Health Department recommendations to protect against infection

California Labor & Workforce Development Agency (LDWA) COVID-19 guidance for employers and workers